Bluecrow metalworks, are a established metalwork company, Based in Papworth, Cambridgeshire.

With a team of experienced fabricators, we can tackle just about anything metal, From brass to mild steel.

Working closely with Bluecrow Projects – We have undergone some greatly fascinating works over the past few years, ranging from coffeeshop fit-outs to supplying high end restaurant fits with all our bespoke Metalwork.

We work with a range of materials, including: Mild steel, Brass, Stainless steel, Aluminium and Zinc –  With a nicely geared-up workshop, we are able to also offer a wide range services around these metals. These include: Welding, CNC plasma services, bending, folding, cutting, spraying and lots more!


As an upcoming metal work fabrication company with a vast amount of experience, we are keen to offer competitive rates, and the highest quality of work.


Not much more to be said!


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